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RVR Builders, Inc.

RVR Builders, Inc., a Custom home builder in South Bend Indiana, serves the greater St. Joseph County Indiana area. Our mission is to “provide a system whereby someone can build a small custom home in South Bend / St Joseph County, Indiana, Elkhart County, Indiana or Marshall County, Indiana areas at an affordable price. With RVR Builders, you control the costs, we do the work. We offer a Custom Home - Speical Introductory Offer. Contact RVR Builders today, Your Low Cost Plus Custom Home Builder.

Signature Homes

Signature Homes Custom Homes has been building custom homes all over Michiana for over 20 years. Our company is built on our reputation, and we maintain our reputation by building Quality homes with Integrity, leading to homes that are Distinctly Signature. Our Portfolio of Custom Homes extends from South Bend, Indiana to Southwest Michigan. We can however, build your home on any lot or parcel of land in northern Indiana or southern Michigan. Stop by our website to view Our Community of Custom Homes. Signature Homes Custom Home Builders, we run our business with Quality, Integrity, and Distinction in mind.

IBD Connection

IBD Connection, Inc. is a consulting firm located in the Midwest of the United States in South Bend, Indiana, providing active advisory and support metal processing & metal forming consulting services to companies that seek to improve or expand their European / North American markets.

European companies contact and work with IBD Connection, Inc. to develop metal mrocessing and metal formingp projects in North America. North American Metal Processing and Metal Forming Companies contact and work with IBD Connection Inc. to build and grow their business domestically or to expand into the European market.


Roof-2-Wall Vent is a ventilation package for the tough-to-vent detail where a pitched roof meets a vertical wall. Incorporating the Active Weather Foil technology and enhanced snow screen to stop rain and snow at the point of entry COR-A-VENT ® continues its tradition of being the Leader in Innovative Rooftop Ventilation®.

Contact Cor-A-Vent to learn more about their Roof-2-Wall Vent™ today!

Cook's Sugarbush

Cook’s Sugar Bush is located on the Southern Border of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan in a rural farming community. At Cook’s Sugar Bush we take pride in providing the very Finest in Quality of Natural Sweeteners. The Award Winning Pure Maple Syrup produced at Cook’s Sugar Bush is harvested from February thru April when we have warm days and freezing nights. Our Honey Bee Colonies are located in an area where most of their foraging is done on Wild Flowers. This unique mix of Wild Flowers produces a flavorful tasting honey. Click on our Order Page for Pure Maple Syrup Products and Natural Honey made in Michigan or Contact Us for more information.

Advantage Plumbing

Advantage Plumbing, Inc. a full service Plumber in Niles, Michigan provides plumbing services to: Niles, Michiagan; South Bend, Indiana and the surrounding Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan area.

Established in March of 2000 they are locally owned and operated and they provide full service Plumbing Services, in addition they offer and service Nature's Miracle a No Salt Water Conditioning. It's the natural way to enjoy the benefits of clear, clean water without any harmful additives.

To learn more about Advantage Plumbing contact them today!

Revolution Vent

Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent is the only truly "Green" ridge vent available. The 11-inch wide by 20-foot long plastic vent core is made entirely from the same polypropylene plastic used to manufacture all of Cor-A-Vent's roof ventilation products.

Meticulously captured, excess scrap from production runs of Cor-A-Vents ventilation products is reprocessed and fed directly into the Revolution. By reusing the excess scrap it not only keeps it out of landfills, it also reduces the use of petroleum needed for new plastic production.

Contact Cor-A-Vent today to learn more about their Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent today!

Wygant Floral

Wygant Floral Company, a South Bend Indiana Florist has been proudly serving South Bend, Mishawaka and the rest of the Michiana community for nearly 75 years. Wygant continues to be committed to excellence in design, quality and professional service. You can find unique gifts and order flowers right from the Web site! We offer a different Style to fit your needs and we have a wide selection for Special Occasions. So when you are looking for a florist in South Bend Indiana, think Wygant's!

Derby Industries

Proven durability, quality craftsmanship, and prompt delivery: These are the traits that set us apart from the rest.  We are the original inventor and patent holder for the sealed seam Corrections / Jail Mattresses with the integrated pillows.  Our products are designed and independently tested to be tough enough to withstand the jail/prison environment, yet safe and comfortable enough to meet your specific needs.  We offer standard and custom-sized mattress products with a variety of both core and cover options.  We are your complete mattress solution.

Also check out our line of health care mattresses, education mattresses, and other products.

Food Bank of Northern Indiana

The Food Bank of Northern Indiana... Feeding the Hungry in Northern Indiana since 1993!

The Food Bank of Northern Indiana places the power to make a difference in the fight against hunger in Northern Indiana directly in your hands by hosting a Food and Funds Drives. Your efforts, along with those of your friends and neighbors, makes a huge difference in the amount and the variety of the food we are able to distribute!

Interested in a Volunteer job? Then come join us at the Food Bank of Northern Indiana! You can bring a group or just yourself. We always have new and exciting projects for our volunteers. Some of those projects include our Food 4 Kids program, dating and sorting food donations, repackaging bread and other food products, both dry and frozen.

If you need to locate food pantries and other human, health, and social services, you can  Find a Food Pantry by dialing 2-1-1. It's quick and easy to remember and it has the most comprehensive information and referral database in Northern Indiana.

Contact Food Bank of Northern Indiana today to if you are in need, ready to Volunteer or you would like to give a donation.

Thank you for your continued support of the Food Bank of Northern Indiana!

USA Real Estate & Property Management LLC

USA Real Estate and Property Management, LLC is the premier Prescott Valley Real Estate and Property Management Company. For over 30 years they have served Buyers and Sellers as well as Property Wwners building a reputation as a trusted and dedicated real estate company.

Their consultants are longtime residents of the area, and no one knows the Prescott Valley real estate market better than they do. Their extensive research and market analysis skills aid their clients in making smart decisions about selling you home, homes for sale and property management in the Quad cities in Arizona.

For more information, click here to contact USA Real Estate & Property Management today!

Southwest Concrete Paving Co

Southwest Concrete Paving's (SWCP) successful inception in 2008 has set the foundation for continued success as a viable business unit in the Heavy Construction marketplace. There concrete paving services include Concrete Drainage Structures, Concrete Flat Work / Sidewalks and Military and Civil Airfield Concrete Pavements.

SWCP also has aspirations of expanding beyond concrete paving work, and in preparation for doing so it has expanded its staff to accommodate the acquisition of varied construction projects. Although a relatively new company, SWCP has the depth and knowledge among its top level employees that equates to several decades of experience in not only concrete work but a myriad of other construction types.

For more information about Southwest Concrete Paving (SWCP), click here!

JRP Firearms

JRP Firearms is a full service FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) that provides transfers to and from your local dealers only. Their Glendale Arizona Gun store offers hand guns, rifles & shotguns, ammo and accessories to freedom loving Americans.

Their firearms include a Polish Tan Tal Sportster 5.45 x 39 Rifle, a Ruger 10/22 ICG and various ammo magazines. They also offer a layaway purchase plan agreement.

Whether you are looking to make a firearm purchase, a gun transfer or you need answers to your questions, click here to contact JRP Firearms today!

Sculpture Artist Randy M Smith

Sculpture Artist Randy M Smith works in all mediums associated with sculpting. From copper art, to welded and mobile & kinetic sculptures, he carefully and painstakingly handcrafts his composition, bringing his unique interpretation to the finished product. In addition to his sculptures, Randy’s work also includes smaller-format copper art such as copper wall hangers.

Randy studied for his fine arts degree at the University of Oregon in Eugene. His first introduction to the fine arts was through studies at the LaJolla Art Museum in LaJolla, California. There, he fabricated sculptures for 10 years following his attendance at Oregon. His work has been shown and juried at many museums and his Artist Portfolio is included in many collections throughout the United States and Europe.

Randy retired to Arizona from the corporate world in 2012. He now happily spends his days in his studio, creating all categories of sculptured art, both for indoor and out.

Randy feels strongly that fine art should be available to all, not just to those with deep pockets. He invites your inquiries and should you wish, you may commission him to create a work for you.

Contact Sculpture Artist Randy M. Smith or call (541)921-3162 for more information today!

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