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Michiana Gun and Range

Try something different! Come out to the Premier Family Shooting Sports Facility at Midwest Gun and Range and get a real bang out of life…as well as the best bang for your buck!

Whether you’re a crack shot or a tenderfoot, you’ll find that our fully equipped shooting range provides a completely enjoyable experience for you alone or your party of family or friends. Come and Shoot With Us! and check out the Midwest Gun and Range Firearm Rentals, Machine Gun Rentals, Firearm Education in Indiana and Browning Gun Safes at Midwest Gun and Range.

IFC Supply Our Products are unique and work best in the abusive & demanding environment of your fraternity house, unlike the household brands you buy 'locally', which are made for mom & dad's house. So.... what's made to work 'ok' there doesn't mean it's going to do the 'best job' in your house!

BKR Studio Inc.

BKR Studio, Web Site Design & Development in South Bend, Indiana. We provide Web Site Development for companies large and small, Multimedia Projects such as Custom Corporate Screensavers and CD-ROM Catalogs, as well as Commercial Photography and Video Production Services.Web Site Design in South Bend, Indiana is developing an attractive, user-friendly and easily navigated Web site which is critical to its success once they arrive at your site. We also offer Web Site Redesign - Is your Web site working? Does it rank well in search engine results, attracting new prospects looking for your product or services?
Does it portray your business in a professional and credible manner? If you can’t answer YES! To each of these questions, it’s time for a Website redesign by BKR Studio, Inc. Web Site Development in South Bend Indiana starts with keyword research so your site is built to be found for the keyword phrases your prospects are using. BKR Studio is so confident in our ability to build a Web site that works (and most importantly improves search engine ranking) we guarantee we can increase traffice to your Web Site.

BNI South Bend

Would you like to significantly increase your business through a structured word-of-mouth marketing program? Are you willing to help other business professionals become more successful? Are you proud of the products and services you provide? If you answered Yes to these questions, visit the South Bend BNI Chapter web site. Why BNI! Member benefits include substantially increase referrals, Tools to network more effectively and Participation in up to 52 networking meetings per year. Contact Us today, we are looking for our future members, and we have what you are looking for in your business relationships and marketing efforts.

The Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce has been “Leading Business … Leading our Community” since 1926. With over 500 active volunteers and more than 1,100 business members, the Chamber is poised to lead the Elkhart County economy through the 21st Century.

Their mission is to represent and serve their member businesses and the community. They promote the interests of their members and the community in the areas of business, government, education and the professions through direction and leadership of their investors and the Chamber staff.

For more information about the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce, click here.

MTTP LLC. Grill Grip

Unique Grill accessory - The Grill Grip was designed specifically to prevent burns from overheated grill handles, and has evolved into one of the most stylish custom grill accessories available.

The Grill Grip concept began in Arizona, where grill handles get to hot often reaching over 130 degrees, even when the grill is covered. The specially designed rubber sleeve fits securely on the grill handle, and is covered by a durable, washable neoprene cover. We knew that our Grill Grip design made reaching for even the hottest grill handle safe, but we wanted more.

Don't look for BBQ gloves instead try the Grill Grip! The Grill Grip was designed specifically to protect you from blazing hot grill handles, and has quickly grown into the coolest accessory for the hottest grills.

For questions about our Grill Grip, our ordering process or your order contact us!


Foley & Small

Indiana Accident Attorney - Foley & Small is a personal injury/trial law firm serving clients throughout the State of Indiana. We have nearly 60 years of experience handling and trying cases where individuals have been injured, a family member has lost their life and helping those suffering other losses.

At Foley & Small we have experienced Auto Accident Lawyers, Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, Wrongful Death Attorneys and Defective Pharmaceutical Attorneys, to name a few. Our Attorneys & Staff work to represent the client to achieve the best possible result for them and their family. We work with knowledgeable experts in areas regularly dealt with in our practice areas.

Contact Foley & Small, we’ll work for and with you and your family.

Arizona Companion Animal Spay/Neuter Committee

Arizona's Pet Friendly License Plates are an amazing “driving force" in the battle against pet homelessness. A portion of every Pet Friendly license plate purchased is deposited in the “Spay and Neuter Fund”. These monies provide funding for no-cost or low-cost surgical sterilization of dogs and cats throughout Arizona.

Ordering your Pet Friendly plate is easy. Simply visit www.servicearizona.com and click on "personalized/specialized plates" or call the ADOT Motor Vehicles Division office nearest you.

In 2004 a bill by the Arizona Legislature was passed HB 2323, and Arizona became the 28th state to pass legislation aimed at creating this type of “specialty” pet friendly license plates for motorists.

To learn more about the plates visit their website or contact Arizona Companion Animal Spay/Neuter Committee for more information today!

ID and Go

Luggage stickers that can be Personalized by IDandGo is an easy solution to help you pick your bag out of the crowd. Their luggage stickers add an identifier to your bags which allows you to spot them from a distance. With their decals attached to your bag, you can easily identify your bag as it comes down the conveyor or around the carousel for a fast and simple way to get in and out of airports, train stations and bus depots, confident that the luggage in hand really is yours.

Their specialty is high quality photographic luggage decals. They offer a growing catalog of imageswhich include aviation, animals and transportation luggage stickers and if you don’t find what you’re looking for you can send us one of your favorite pictures and we will create a customized luggage sticker for your bag. Pictures of a place you enjoyed on a previous trip, your restored ’57 Chevy, or a favorite pet make great luggage stickers for your bags.

For more information about their luggage stickers contact ID and Go today!

Walkerton Area Shopper

The Walkerton Area Shopper is an advertisement tabloid that has been serving local communities since 1972. The owners are Walkerton residents Michael and Kelly who felt that the paper was not only an opportunity to have a lucrative business, but that it was also a way to become further involved in the local communities.

Your Country Connection, The Walkerton Shopper is a big believer in supporting small business. So rather than driving to the "big city" for our shopping, we would often utilize our local communities and discovered that most anything can be found locally," stated Michael Tutino.

They deliver to 4 different counties which cover 9 towns and over 14 rural routes and their website allows visitors to place a Classified Mini-Ad as well as place an Advertisement Ad.

The Walkerton Area Shopper is meant to connect our local communities and to instill a prideful feeling in each of our local residents as they choose to do their shopping locally.

Check out this week’s paper or contact the Walkerton Shopper for more information today!

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