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Pay-per-click advertising is a popular solution to quickly increase Web site traffic. Essentially you're paying a search engine such as Google or Yahoo to display your text ads when a searcher types in a keyword phrase relevant to your website. If the searcher clicks on your ad you are charged a fee. While the actual cost of each click varies greatly, the industry average right now is between 40 and 70 cents per click for consumer advertising (and generally more for business to business ads) and rising. Precisely targeted keyword phrases generally cost less and more frequently convert into actual sales when they're clicked. For example, honing the keyword phrase to "Search Engine Marketing Company in South Bend Indiana" as opposed to "Search Engine Marketing" delivers far greater response. Why do they cost less? Because there's less competition for the same phrase and, quite simply, most people are too lazy to make the extra effort to seek it out. The higher conversion rate results from a closer match between what the searcher was looking for and your matching keyword phrase.

Obviously your Web site needs to deliver once the ad is clicked. If your ad says "Search Engine Marketing Company in South Bend Indiana", make sure when the ad is clicked you deliver what you've promised. Your ads should link directly to the most appropriate page on your site. not just the homepage. This is frequently overlooked and creates yet one more step visitors must take to get what they wanted. Best bet? Build pages specifically for the ads. You know why a site visitor is landing on the page so it can contain very specific content to "sell" the visitor.

Since your paying every time someone clicks, your goals need to be.

  1. Don’t pay more for the clicks than they are worth. For instance, don’t pay $2 for clicks if it takes you 10 clicks to make a $10 sale (you’ll never make that up in volume!).

  2. Don’t attract clicks that won’t convert. Many products or services have keyword phrases that spill over into other industries or have more than one meaning. Here’s an extreme example: If you’re selling “African Spears” make sure you’re not buying the keyword phrase “Spears” and paying the cazillion dollars it will cost you when you pay for every click made by people looking for “Britney Spears”

  3. Converting as many clicks as possible to customers. Make sure the landing page (the page that displays when they click on the ad) speaks directly to them and gives the best sales pitch it can. For most marketers this means talking benefits instead of features. Put the features on another page linked from the landing page for those site visitors who are seeking that type of information.

And don't be afraid to experiment. Search engine marketing is as much art as science, but you can steer it towards science if you test and re-test to see what works best. Use multiple ads with different copy to see what combination of words performs the best. Test different landing pages --- which approach converts more?. Is it the page with the long chatty copy? Or is it the page with the video brochure? Make sure each page has a clear call to action leading the prospect to a "Buy" or "Contact Us" page.

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BKR Studio serves clients across the nation and provides search engine marketing services from our headquarters in South Bend Indiana.

Did you know...

Every day, over 4 Billion keyword searches are done by Web surfers looking for something... that's 29 Million searches per minute! Are they finding your site?

Perhaps your site needs a little search engine optimization work to get it ranked higher in the natural search results?

If you're ready to take your company to the next level with high impact multimedia or an award-winning web site, contact BKR Studio today.

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