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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

(and why it matters!)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing the performance of a site on search engines when particular key phrases are used.  This can be accomplished either on a new build or by adjusting after a Web site is complete.. Obviously, the keyword phrases chosen should be phrases your target site visitor is likely to be searching for.

On average, over a half billion searches are run on Google, Yahoo, Live Search (formerly MSN), Ask and a host of other less popular search engines per day. These searchers are looking for something… is it you? Unless your Web site is listed on the first page for your critical keyword phrases, you're missing out on potential sales or leads. 66% of searchers simply won't look past the first page! Can you afford NOT to be there?

So how does BKR Studio optimize your Web site with search engines to assure it appears on that first page of results? The best way is to begin before your Web site is even designed, or at least before copy writing commences. Why? Because search engine optimization should be performed as the site is being built. SEO after the site is complete is more expensive than performing SEO during development.

BKR’s Step-by- Step Process to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Consult with the client to learn the details of their business and assemble a “snapshot” of their typical clients or customers. The more we know about your business, the easier it is for all involved to communicate effectively amongst ourselves and with potential clients.      

  1. Research what keyword phrases the clients' customers really search for (as example, "search engine optimization" vs. "search engine positioning."). We have tools that allow us to query the search engines to determine which phrases people are really using.
  2. Build search engine optimized pages for the most important keyword phrases used by prospective Web visitors.
  3. Write the copy for the Web site with keyword phrases in the right balance. Insufficient keyword density (the number of times the phrase is used on the page) results in low rankings. Repeat the keyword too often and the search engines will penalize you, moving you down the results listing, perhaps so far as to move you off that all-important first page.
  4. Make sure keyword phrases are in the appropriate positions on the page. For example, keyword phrases that start a paragraph rank more than the same phrase buried later in the sentence.
  5. Properly link (anchor text) your keyword phrases within your site such as search engine marketing.
  6. Publish a site map that lists and links to all the important pages in the site.
  7. Invest time in generating links from related sites to yours. The content in your Web site is only one element in why a site achieves high rankings. Inbound links from relevant sites and the right keyword phrases forming the links (anchor text) are important points in achieving first page rankings success.

Measure your rankings... make adjustments... measure... make adjustments... repeat the process. Keyword phrases will change over time and target visitors will search in different ways. Failure to adapt will result in your rankings, and consequently traffic, fading over time. SEO should be freshened on a regular basis varying by product lifecycles or how frequently industry buzzwords change. SEO should keep pace with the changes in your industry.

The Search Engine Optimization work performed for University Outfitters has resulted in many number one rankings over the past several years.

Search Engine Optimization by BKR Studio for maximum results!

Besides our talents with tools to target keyword phrases and their search frequency, we also have reporting software which measures your site’s current rank on multiple search engines. Researching this information on your own could take hours. And, as the results change regularly, you'd have to repeat this same effort frequently to keep it up to date.

Is this the best use of your time? Wouldn’t it be more productive to allow BKR to grow your Web traffic while you focus on growing your business?

It’s important to note that we also look at the big picture when applying SEO tactics. We want your site to perform as well as possible, but we don’t use questionable “tricks” as a short term boost, as these techniques can result in search engines banning your site for a long time…sometimes permanently!

We are professionals, having spent the last ten years developing Web sites for companies just like yours. Day in and day out, we constantly are learning and researching what works in SEO. And with search engine spammers muddying the waters with shady practices, search engines are constantly changing their ranking engine. Instead of telling you what has worked historically, we know what search engines are looking for – or are trying to avoid - now.

For instance, we are often asked by clients about meta tags, having been told they are the “Magic Bullet” to search engine results. This was true at one time…but not since the mid 90’s! Ask yourself this:. "If I doubled, tripled or increased my Web traffic by even ten fold... what would that do for my sales? How many sales would it take to cover this reasonable investment?" For most of our clients, the ROI (return on investment) is both quick and ongoing.

What are you waiting for? Contact us right now! The sooner we start, the sooner our search engine optimization efforts can start putting money back in your pocket. And isn't that why you wanted a Web site in the first place?

What other techniques can be used to get Website traffic?

The information above addresses “organic” or natural search engine results. These are the non-paid listings, often numbered that show up below sponsored (paid) results. For a review of sponsored listings or pay-per-click advertising see our Search Engine Marketing page.

When your ready for results... guaranteed, Contact Us or call 574-245-9576 or toll free 1-800-801-9576.

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