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Wana RV and Engine CenterWana RV and Engine Center

Buggies and RVs co-exist on the roads - and on the Web!

Open the Wana RV and Engine Center Website and you may jump back at the sound of a horse's neigh! It's not a computer glitch. It's there to acknowledge that Shipshewana, Indiana, is the home of Wana RV and one of the country's largest horse and buggy-driving Amish populations.

That's where the old-fashioned comparison ends, however. Gary Miller, company owner, is a modern, high-tech businessman who understands the power of the Internet. And, unlike the pastoral pace of his surroundings, he likes the quickness with which BKR Studio attends to customer service. "I worked with them to redesign my site and don't hesitate to say that service is excellent. They make my changes within a day. E-mail is answered within minutes, and if I call, a 'real person' answers the phone. There's no voicemail runaround."

Miller is a guy with a lot of ideas of his own and he likes to bounce those ideas off the BKR team. "They tweak my ideas, adjust the page or graphics, and it's ready to go."

In a good news/bad news scenario, his Website proved almost too successful. When Miller aggressively advertised a product on his site, he garnered phenomenal national sales; however, the manufacturer thought that his low pricing was too aggressive and asked him to "tone down" his marketing because other dealers were complaining. He complied with the manufacturer's request, and uses that experience as an example of the power of the Internet as it relates to increased sales.

Miller says that he is always getting compliments about his Website. "Others comment about how easy it is to read and the prices are right on the same page. They don't have to do a lot of 'clicking around' to find the information they want."

His Website generates more sales than any of his other marketing venues. "I also use radio, the Yellow Pages, television and newspaper, but I'm cutting back on those. The Web is my best tool and gives me the most sales."

Unless you're driving a horse and buggy, you'll want to visit Miller's site and see for yourself what's available at www.wanarv.com. And if your business could use a boost, call Brian at BKR Studio and let him and his team put your business on the map.

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