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Wygant Floral Shop | South Bend IndianaWygant Floral Co.

Business "blooms" with new Website

Mary Green from Wygant Floral Company in South Bend wasn't surprised that Brian Rideout at BKR Studio did such a great job on her new Website. After all, she had gone to high school with him and knew him and his talents pretty well.

What did surprise her, however, was that after her site was up and running, her first online orders were from Florida - and Hawaii! Not bad for a long-time hometown establishment. Since those first days, Green has seen an increase in sales both locally and nationally.

She credits everyone on the BKR team for helping her out. She especially points to Chad, who was always there to answer her questions. A self-professed "someone-who-doesn't-know-anything-about-Websites," she admits that she often called for the simplest reasons. Whenever she did call, she was given immediate help and requests for something new were attended to quickly.

Green has recently had new business cards printed with her company's Web address listed. She regrets that she has to wait until the new phone books are printed before she can publicize her new site there also.

As a member of the Board of Directors at Camp Millhouse, Green was pleased to be able to recommend BKR Studio for the camp's proposed Website. At last word, the process was going well and another satisfied customer is being added to the list.

Those of us who have known and appreciated Wygant Floral as a local institution are pleased that the rest of the country will be learning the same thing.

To see how this site has blossomed, visit www.wygants.com. Then call Brian at BKR and let him show you how he can update your site or "harvest a new crop" of ideas just for you.

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